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Universal Preschool News

Confused about the benefits or harm of Universal Preschool? Is it a silver bullet for education reform or a waste of money?
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In this section, you'll find editorials, legislation, public policy and trends on issues relating to preschool, pre-kindergarten, childcare and the push toward universal preschool education. Particularly of note are articles concerning the states claim of a compelling interest in compulsory preschool education. Visit often for the latest preschool news.

U.S. education secretary criticizes N.J. GOP plan to cut preschool budget in urban areas The plan, submitted to Gov. Chris Christie's office by the Senate Republican caucus, calls for funding only half-day preschools in urban districts and diverting the $300 million saved from the cuts to suburban schools. Under the proposal, districts would also qualify for more state funding if they bus students greater distances or have large populations of senior citizens. There would also be a $30 million grant program to promote accountability in urban schools and $50 million for schools that demonstrate the most efficiency. by Megan DeMarco February 24, 2011 [More Results from]