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Universal Preschool News

Confused about the benefits or harm of Universal Preschool? Is it a silver bullet for education reform or a waste of money?
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In this section, you'll find editorials, legislation, public policy and trends on issues relating to preschool, pre-kindergarten, childcare and the push toward universal preschool education. Particularly of note are articles concerning the states claim of a compelling interest in compulsory preschool education. Visit often for the latest preschool news.

Preschool for all? California thinks so. Who should decide when your child gets introduced to the institution we call public schooling? What should they be learning? Who will decide? A campaign is going strong for Californians to vote against Proposition 82. The addition to California law is being seen as a gateway for mandatory preschool for children two to five years of age. Right now, it is only slated as a voluntary program for 4 year olds. If you remember, they were trying to do this in California before with 18 month old children. For some reason their governing fathers believe that making children leave their parents and join in with the rest of the world before they know what their homes look like is a good thing. June 3, 2006 [More Results from People Matter]