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Confused about the benefits or harm of Universal Preschool? Is it a silver bullet for education reform or a waste of money?
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In this section, you'll find editorials, legislation, public policy and trends on issues relating to preschool, pre-kindergarten, childcare and the push toward universal preschool education. Particularly of note are articles concerning the states claim of a compelling interest in compulsory preschool education. Visit often for the latest preschool news.

Psychology: Homeschooling offers viable option for many Kendall's mom began to suspect that her daughter might have difficulties with the traditional school setting when she saw how overwhelmed she felt by her preschool environment. It was clear that Kendall was an introvert who was often content to sit and read or play by herself for much of the day. She found the transition from her quiet home with just her mom, dad and younger sister into a classroom filled with 19 other active 4-year-olds to be too stressful. While her mom hoped that interaction with other kids in the class would help to improve Kendall's social skills, it became more evident that sensory overload and general anxiety were preventing her from succeeding. Her mom was already wondering if preschool would help Kendall academically because she had shown a strong aptitude for reading and was fluent at a first-grade level. So when the time came to enroll Kendall in all-day kindergarten, her mom thought about different options and decided to try homeschooling instead. Rather than risk further stress to her daughter and the possibility of her regressing academically, she felt that homeschooling offered the best choice for her individual needs. by Scott Smith February 27, 2013 [More Results from]