Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores

Valentine's Day Makes Learning Fun!

By Diane Flynn Keith, Annette M. Hall, and Fran Wisniewski

Valentine's Day is on February 14th. Little kids seem to intrinsically understand a day set aside each year to celebrate love. Here are some fun and educational Valentine's Day activities to do with your little ones...

Read Valentine's Day Books Young Children Love!

There are lots of books about Valentine's Day, and the following titles were recommended by parents of preschoolers who subscribe to our Unpreschool Discussion List. Some of the books include information about the origin and history of Valentine's Day, and others explore the sentiment and traditions of Valentine's Day. Your local library or bookstore should have a selection of good books on the theme too.

Recite Valentine's Day Poems, Stories, and Songs!

Your child is sure to enjoy these Valentine's Day poems. Visit Bethany Robert's Valentine's Day Library to find more Valentine's Day poems, along with stories and songs. Or check out the book, Favorite Poems Old and New: Selected For Boys and Girls by Helen Ferris Tibbets. The kids are sure to giggle out loud when they hear these Silly Valentine Poems including:

Love is like a Cabbage

My love is like a cabbage
Divided into two,
The leaves I give to others,
The heart I give to you.
Author Unknown

After reading some books and poems about Valentine's Day, talk with your child about the meaning of Valentine's Day. Tell them how important it is to tell the people we care about, just how much they mean to us.

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Make and Exchange Valentine's Day Cards!

Do you know of a better way to say, "I love you" than with a homemade valentine? Make a list of family and friends to whom your child would like to send a Valentine. Then, make your own Valentines using these ideas...

Valentine Mail Box!

Children love to get mail! This fun, cut-and-paste activity will not only help your child develop small motor skills, it will give your child a special place for their valentines!

You'll need: A rectangular milk or juice carton, construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons.

Directions: Before beginning this activity, an adult will need to cut the top off of the carton, so that when placed on its side, the container resembles a mail box. Help your child to cover the container with construction paper and glue it to the sides of the carton.

Next, give your child safety scissors and manageable size pieces of construction paper; ask them to cut the paper into shapes. Shapes may be pre-drawn by an adult or older child, or your child can draw their own shapes and cut them out. When your child has finished cutting the shapes, ask them to glue the shapes to the carton any way they want. When your child is finished, he or she will have a special place to put their valentines! Make this a family project so that everyone can have his or her very own mailbox!

Valentine's Day Math!

Make a Heart Wreath

You'll need: Small, wrapped, chocolate hearts or other wrapped candy hearts, poster board, two traceable heart shapes (one smaller than the other), glue, hole punch, ribbon, and scissors

Directions: Trace a large heart on sturdy poster board. Help your child to cut it out of the poster board. Then trace a smaller heart inside the large heart. Next, an adult should cut out that smaller heart shape from the center of the large heart shape, forming a heart-shaped wreath design. Note: The heart wreath should be about an inch wide or more when cut out. Ask your child to glue the candy onto the wreath. Punch a hole in the top of the wreath and use a ribbon to hang it. This can be used as a decoration or as a gift.

Variation: Pasta in different shapes and colors can be used in place of candy.

Before gluing the candy to the heart wreath, do a few of the following activities:

Make Valentine Crafts and Gifts!

Use your parental discretion to determine which of the crafts listed below suit your child's ability level. Keep your young chid's attention span in mind and try not to pick projects that take a long time from start to finish. Choose activities that are developmentally appropriate for your child -- for example, avoid projects that require more manual dexterity and coordination than your child is capable of doing. Keep it simple -- it will satisfy your child and help maintain your sanity.

One more thing...gather all of the materials you'll need for craft projects before you begin. Nothing is more frustrating to a small child then to get started on a fun project and have to stop because you don't have the right supplies. Don't risk losing momentum or enthusiasm - plan ahead! There are lots of wonderful things to make including: Popsicle stick treasure boxes, God's Eyes, dried flower projects, and even potholders. Your imagination is the limit. Here are some more ideas ...

Note: Constant Adult Supervision is required for all craft activities.

More Fun Valentine Craft Projects

Make Valentine's Day Goodies!

Candy is often the predominant form of sustenance on Valentine's Day. But there are lots of nutritious ways to celebrate Valentine's Day too. Here are a few ideas to make every meal on Valentine's Day a healthy celebration with your little ones...

More Goodie Ideas & Recipes!

Play "Hugs and Kisses!"

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with your child! The O's are the hugs and the X's are the kisses. Your child will learn how to write two letters of the alphabet and develop critical thinking skills as they learn the strategy behind this game!

Thinking of Others

You can help your preschooler get into the spirit of giving and thinking of others on Valentine's Day. Prepare some crafts or low-sugar treats. Then, brighten the day of senior citizens by paying a short visit to your local nursing home. Be sure to call ahead and coordinate your visit with the Activities Director. They can give you advice on what kind of crafts or treats would be welcomed (many residents have special diets that limit the kinds of treats they can eat). Time the length of your visit to suit your child's age and attention span.

Money Saving Tips For Future Valentine's Days!

Save the valentine cards your child receives from friends and relatives, and put them away for use in craft projects next year. These work well for collage or decoupage projects, and are a great way to recycle the cards.