Making an edible birds nest is FUN!

Fun, Springtime Learning Activities!

by: Fran Wisniewski

Spring is in the air! It's a great time to let your children explore the newness of nature! Celebrate the first days of Spring with these activities!

Read a Spring Time Book

"Mouse's First Spring" by Lauren Thompson, is a wonderfully adventurous story about a little mouse out exploring on a windy spring day. After reading the book, pack a picnic and head out for a springtime walk in the park.

Spring Picnic in the Park & A Photo Scrapbook

While you are enjoying your picnic, help your child to become aware of what's going on around them. Look at the trees and notice how the buds are beginning to grow leaves. Explain that spring is the "wake-up" season for nature. As you walk around, look for little critters and help your child to identify them. Taking time to explore nature helps everyone feel as alive as the season! Take a camera along with you to take pictures; your child can start a seasonal scrapbook of their own.

"Grumpy Bird" by Jeremy Tankard is a fun story about a bird who wakes up one morning feeling out of sorts-too grumpy to eat, too grumpy to play, and even too grumpy to fly. "Looks like I'm walking today," he grumbles. Before he knows it, a little exercise and companionship help Bird shake his bad mood.

Spring Time Bird Watching Activities

While you're out, listen to the birds and try to identify them. Take along a bird guidebook and binoculars so you can get a better look.

In How Do Birds Find Their Way? Gans limits her discussion to basic facts about birds and their instinctive travel habits. She tells what ornithologists know about migration patterns and presents some of their theories about how birds know when to fly and their different means of navigation.

Talk to your child about migration. Explain how some birds fly to the warmer areas of the south for the winter and come back north again in spring. As the weather warms up, see how many different kinds of birds come back. (Check your local library for availability.)

Why not encourage birds to come to you?

Make A Birdfeeder

Here's what you'll need:

Directions: Tie a string around a pinecone or thick stick. Coat with peanut butter and roll in birdseed. Hang it from a tree branch.

Make Your Own Edible Birds Nests



Melt margarine in 3-quart saucepan over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir constantly until melted. Remove from heat and add cereal. Stir until cereal is coated. Shape into nests by putting cereal in greased muffin tins or on waxed paper. Make a deep enough indent in each nest to put 3-4 jellybeans or chocolate eggs in middle. When the nests are cool, put the "eggs" in and enjoy.

Variation: When you remove the marshmallow from the heat add a ¼ cup of peanut butter to the marshmallow and let it melt before adding cereal. Add cereal and stir until coated and shape as desired.

Happy Spring!

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