The Active Alphabet

D is for Dance

The Active Alphabet

Compiled and Edited By Fran Wisniewski
and Diane Flynn Keith

Universal Preschool has a wonderful Yahoo support group for parents who do not send their children to preschool called, "Unpreschool." Parents on the list have the opportunity to share clever and creative ways that help their young children to learn new things. List member, Megan Waugh, inspired many parents to contribute to this great learning activity for active children.

This A-B-C activity has been created for children who enjoy moving around. Many parents ask how they can get their young children to sit down long enough to learn the alphabet. With this activity, they don't have too! They simply do actions that correspond with all of the letters in the alphabet — and learn to recite the alphabet as they perform the actions.

This is a playful educational activity. Your child will learn even more if you play too, by doing the actions right along them.

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Use this list as it is, or come up with fun action words of your own!

More letter/activity suggestions:

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Additional Activity Suggestions

By Fran Wisniewski

Letter by Letter

Cut 26 pieces of cardboard and put a letter on each one. Ask your child to step on a letter of his/her choice, tell them the name of that letter, then ask them to make an action/sound for that letter based on the list above. Remove the letter when finished.

Word Hoppin'

When your child is familiar with the alphabet, have them hop from letter to letter to form small words. Say a word, ask your child to step on the correct letters in order to spell out the word (tell them the order if needed), then ask your child to act out the word they've spelled.

Note: This activity is for children who know their letters very well.

Street Writer

Have your child write on the sidewalk with chalk or draw letters in the dirt with a stick.

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Book Suggestions:

Word Activity

MaryAnna suggested the following fun activity:

I made a huge stack of flashcards for my sons. Each flashcard was an action word for them to act out. Examples: bang, boom, jump, hop, pow, run, spin, kick, hug, kiss... they started easy, like run, hop, bam... and then I added more difficult words as they learned new sound combinations.