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Stop Universal Preschool and Rob Reiner!

This website is supported through your generous donations. Your contributions allow us to provide information, resources, and support to parents, educators, and policy makers who seek alternatives to government funded and mandated preschool programs.

Currently, all over the United States, parents are being barraged with multi-media campaigns to put their children in preschool.

Legislation is being introduced and passed in state after state to establish government public preschools for ALL children regardless of need or want -- in spite of the fact that current research shows preschool has no discernible benefit for children from middle class and upper income homes, and that it is harmful to their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being.

Look Mom, I lost a baby tooth. I can't wait for the tooth fairy

Institutionalizing tiny kids is a trend throughout the entire country. Help us stop this preschool madness.

We need your financial support to do that. A donation of any amount is welcome and will be put to good use to combat the implementation of federal and state funded and mandated preschool-for-all programs.

We thank you for any amount you can contribute to help save tiny children from confinement in government preschool prisons.

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