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Stop the Kindergarten Cop!

Urge Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to VETO Universal Preschool!

It's the "End of Days" for the childhoods of California's youngest citizens. In spite of Judgment Day in June, 2006, when California voters overwhelmingly defeated "Proposition 82 - The Preschool-For-All Act" that would have funded Universal Preschool via a tax on the wealthy, the Predator Legislature ignored the voters and approved preschool funding on August 30th. Like some big Eraser elected representatives like Wilma Chan, Fabian Nunez, George Plescia, Dick Ackerman, and Don Perata rubbed out the will of the people!

The bill is on its way to The Terminator of childhood for signing. This bill (AB 172) dovetails with and will result in the implementation of "AB 1246 - Preschool Learning Standards" that calls for preschoolers to learn Language Arts, Math, Science, History, and Social Studies in line with state curriculum standards. Preschoolers will be tested. This kind of academic curriculum is touted as necessary to prepare kids for kindergarten. That's nothing but a pack of True Lies.

In a "Call to Action on the Education of Young Children" released by The Alliance for Childhood over 60 experts in the field of child development, psychology, pediatrics, and mental health recently condemned and called for a reversal of academic curriculum in early childhood education saying it increases pressure and stress that undermines children's learning and health. Preschool has been shown by researchers at the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University to create all kinds of Collateral Damage harming the social and behavioral development of young children.
[See: How Much is Too Much? - The Influence of Preschool Centers on Children's Development Nationwide]

The standardization of childhood by institutionalizing children in government preschools and indoctrinating them with state curriculum will do nothing more than develop programmed drones -- a Rise of the Machines to work in the global economy.

The Governor has the opportunity to be a Last Action Hero by VETOing this bill. California's children deserve what's best and should not be institutionalized in state run preschools. Urge Conan the Barbarian to act like a Commando and take control. Stop listening to and serving special interest groups that stand to gain economically from preschool legislation and take a stand to protect the children.

Please call, email, fax, and send letters to the Governor of California and ask him to VETO AB 172 - Universal Preschool. Here is his contact info:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

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Diane Flynn Keith,
Author of Carschooling,

posted: September 2, 2006