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Our Mission

What do you mean, it's not going to rain?

Universal Preschool is a broad-based, non-partisan advocacy campaign to protect parents' rights to determine the best educational course for their young children and to oppose the implementation of government mandated and funded "preschool for all" programs for children ages 0-5.

We bring together parents, early childhood development experts, K-12 educators, policy makers, business leaders, labor, law enforcement, faith-based institutions, seniors, community leaders, child advocates, and others who understand that too early academics and institutionalizing young children can damage them psychologically, emotionally, socially and physically - and that damage to children extends to the society at large.

Through dissemination of information we envision:

  1. Combating the implementation of government funded and/or mandatory "preschool for all" programs through a vigorous campaign to inform concerned citizens, government policy makers, and the media of our opposition to "preschool for all."
  2. Empowering parents with resources to help them feel confident and capable of teaching their little ones at home and/or with thoughtful use of privately funded preschool programs, co-ops, and homeschools to successfully prepare children for any future educational environment, and for success in life.
  3. Providing a data base of alternative programs to government funded full-day early care and education programs to meet the needs of working families.


Universal Preschool is supported by the generous donations of private citizens and enterprises.

In the coming years, Universal Preschool and our partners will:

We hope to help parents make a better universe, one child at a time.

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